Radionics Machine Genie 1000

The Genie 1000 Radionics Machine

The Genie 1000 radionics machine is the “Genie in a bottle” of the 21 century, but now with unlimited wishes.

Genie 1000 Radionics Machine

Fitted with the “Genie Orgone Engine” for Powered Radionics.

The radionics machine can be used to improve and shape almost every aspect of your life, from relationships and financial improvements, to even improving the health and vitality of your garden and crops.

At Radionic we are not concerned with who invented what, or mine is better than yours, these futile arguments are negative and only feed already inflated ego’s. Never a good place to start, especially with radionics.

The most important thing to us, is that every one has access to this life changing technology.

Radionics truly is the science of the future, but you don’t have to be a scientist to use one. The 3 dialGenie 1000 is so simple a child could use it, mine do.

The Genie Orgone Engine is the heart of this machine, it continually pumps out Orgone ( Chi) energy for as long as the radionics machine is turned on.

With a normal radionics or wishing machine you would power the radionic operation with your own life energy or Chi as it is commonly known, this is all well and good until you break your concentration and or go off and do something else, as you would in every day life.

With the Genie 1000 this is no longer an issue because the Genie 1000 generates its own Chi energy with its built in Genie Orgone EngineWhich means you can leave your Genie 1000 running for hours, days or  even weeks, knowing your radionics session is getting all the power it needs to come into manifestation.

It is the Orgone energy that provides the power to massively speed up the manifestation of the intended outcome of your radionics session.

The Genie 1000 comes with its own dedicated radionics software. The software can be linked via a structural link to your Genie 1000 left running at home, this will allow you perform powered radionic sessions on your computer from anywhere in the world.

This is an ideal radionics machine for anyone who is just getting in to the world of radionics, or someone who wants a compact & powerful machine. The Genie 1000 is very portable, as it will run from a 9 volt battery or mains.

With all our products you get life time email support for as long as you own the product.

Genie 1000 Radionics Machine

  The Genie 1000 Features:

    • 3 Dial rate setting.
    • Powerful Genie Orgone Engine.
    • 7.83 hz frequency.
    • LED indicator.
    • Solid brass witness/trend/beamer plate.
    • Orgone matrix stick pad.
    • In and Out Expansion sockets.
    • Run from 9v Battery or Mains power.
    • Easy Water & food Orgone Charging.
    • Battery adapter included.
    • Genie 1000 Radionics Software Included.




FREE UK & US Delivery

 All our radionics machines are hand made to order

Please allow up to 28 day for delivery

Made in England

Important: This is NOT a medical device, and no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill or need medical attention please see a doctor or health care professional.



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